Your life centres around your cat. We know that, we have cats too. That’s why Hide and Seek has been designed with cat owners in mind. Consisting of the Hide coffee table, and the Seek cat toy, the collection seamlessly integrates a pet’s habits with our daily lives.


Made chiefly from sungkai wood and rattan, the Hide coffee table combines functionality, sustainability and playtime. Lift the solid wood top to find a rattan cage that’s perfect for your cat to nest in or explore. This area is accessed through a hole cut into the tabletop as well as a rattan ring at the bottom, so your feline friend can enter or leave whenever it pleases. 


The coffee table’s smooth, edgeless design also makes it a charming centrepiece for any cat owner’s home. At 1m x 0.6m, the Hide is also an ideal size for most modern living rooms, where the cage area can also double up as a storage space.

We’ve got sustainability in mind too. To reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve used materials native to the region: native sungkai wood from Indonesia is used to craft the tabletop, while rattan is used to shape the base. The rattan itself is hand-bent craftsmen From a family-owned business with over 50 years of history in Bandung, where rattan working has been a traditional craft for centuries.   

Watch what your cat is up to through the bare-bones concept of the cage area, or lure it out of it’s nesting spot with the Seek cat toy. Made from rattan, paper and nylon string, the Seek cat toy is environmentally friendly, safe and elegantly designed.

Swish it around and watch as your cat pounces and swats at the spinning propeller powered by the wind. The paper propellers are easily replaceable, so you can give your cat the satisfaction of catching its ‘prey’ during playtime. The Seek’s made of flexible rattan, giving it a much more natural feel compared to plastic, while at the same time harmonizing perfectly with the Hide coffee table. 

Imagine coming home after a long day at work. You’re looking to unwind and play with your furry friend, and he pops his head of a hole in your coffee table, his attention fixed on the spinning Seek toy. That’s our goal with Hide and Seek—a breezy, effortless combination of lifestyle and pet ownership.

Photos by Yap Ruiyi

Model: Wu Meng Yu

Cat Models: Playground Ragdolls

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