Photobooth designed for Etched! - Installations for weddings, parties and everything in between

etched photobooth
Etched Photobooth

Designed to bring a sleek aesthetic to a conventionally chaotic set up, Etched! envisioned a booth that represents a new era of photobooth rentals. The driving force behind this was to create a set that revolved around the required functional usage of the technology within the photobooth: Cameras, Screen, Lightbox, Printer, Wires, and conceal it within a visually light yet sturdy system that would still allow each piece to be easily disassembled and transported.

Etched Photobooth

“We first approached Celine with a design in mind that we didn’t know how to translate into a functional product, but with time, effort, and a little bit of magic from the Fraction team, we were delivered a masterpiece of a product that gave us further affirmation we entrusted our project into the right hands and eyes. A year later we were ready for our second project and there was no question who we wanted to take charge of our design; needless to say we were just as impressed if not more.” - Rachel, Etched!